Our Story

Something KETO is a women-owned family business, founded by me, Mihaela, with the unwavering support of my husband and our two little daughters. Our passion for a healthy lifestyle inspired us to create Something KETO, with the hope of making a positive impact on the world.
Our philosophy is simple…We go above and beyond to create the best products for you at a price that offers the best value that you can get.
Creating new rules and exploring new recipes. Our instinct told us that food needed to be made with nutrition and health at the heart of the recipe, and that it should be tasty. Very tasty.
Our promise to you
Our key priority for every product is to give you the ultimate eating experience – from incredible taste and texture, through to how you feel well after you finish the very last mouthful. We continually reassess our recipes and our methods, tweaking recipes if we think it will improve the final result. We’re committed to making the best baked goods at all times. Innovation is evolution, and we aren’t afraid of change to provide maximum goodness in every piece.
We have big plans for the future. More whole foods. Less waste. Simplification of ingredients. Dreams of how we can continue to provide you with only the very best – without compromise.
Whether you are looking to finish your meal with dessert or need keto cakes or pastries for a special occasion, finding a delicious keto-friendly option can be a challenge. Eating out on a restricted diet is certainly easier than it used to be, but ‘low carb’ and ‘cake’ aren’t something many cafes or bakeries think to combine. 
At something KETO, you won’t need to compromise your macros to enjoy something indulgent and delicious. 
When you’re looking for a quick sweet fix, we have exactly what you’re craving, minus the carb count. 
Focus on ingredients
Our quality hand-baked products are made with a focus on using local and natural ingredients. Where possible we will always source locally with the emphasis on quality over price.
When you choose something KETO, we will bake for you as if you were family, so you can be certain you're getting the best.
Owner/Keto Advocate